Magna Energy Services, LLC is an oil and gas production chemical company that was founded in 2006. Our objective is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions with our quality production chemical and extraordinary service. Our chemical is custom blended and tailored to individual well needs to insure long-term success.

  • Behind Magna Energy’s chemical blends is a broad spectrum of global chemical companies, teams of professional chemists and first class laboratories with outstanding R&D capabilities.
  • Magna Energy has a widespread customer base which range from large majors to small independents.
  • Magna’s outstanding safety record is due to our deeply-rooted commitment in achieving zero work related injuries. The health of our customers and employees is our uppermost priority at all times.

Services: Oilfield Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Pipeline Flow Improvers, Refinery Chemicals, Pump Truck Services and Chemical Injector Sales and Services

Reporting: Client’s reports are stored securely online for immediate and historical access by customers. See sample reports here.

Treatment Products: We have a wide range of oilfield production chemicals. See more here.